Emergency Contact Database Driver Services

If you are an Illinois resident and hold an Illinois driver's license, instruction permit and/or identification card, you are eligible to register your emergency contact information.

The Emergency Contact Database allows you to voluntarily enter one or two individuals to serve as your emergency contacts in the event you are involved in a traffic crash or have a medical emergency where you cannot communicate directly with law enforcement or emergency responders. The Emergency Contact Database also allows you to enter basic medical information such as disabilities, medical conditions or special needs (i.e., drug allergies or taking certain prescription medication).

Your emergency contacts do not have to be Illinois residents.

In the event of an emergency situation, only law enforcement will have access to this information and can reach out to your emergency contacts on your behalf.

The Emergency Contact Database also allows you to modify your contact information. You can change the name, address, phone numbers or delete contacts at your convenience.

Once you have submitted your emergency contact information, we encourage you to print a copy of the information and keep it in a safe location with your other important documents such as your passport and credit card information. You are also encouraged to share copies with the individual(s) you name as your emergency contacts so they will know you have listed them.

It is the user's responsibility to enter accurate data into the required fields, as well as to update contact data if necessary. The Secretary of State's office assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data entered by the holder of a driver's license (including commercial driver's license), instruction permit, temporary visitor's driver's license and/or identification card and disclaims any liability for damages, costs, and/or expenses, including, without limitation, consequential damages, arising or resulting from any inaccurate data or failure to update contact data.