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About the Driving Record Purchase System

How does the online Driving Record purchase service work?
The online Driving Record Abstract purchase service is a simple five step process.

What type of Driving Record/Abstracts can be purchased and printed using this service?

Are Driving Records printed with this online service certified?
Yes. Each record purchased will have an official Secretary of State certification printed at the bottom of your record. If you are presenting the abstract to a place of employment, you may want to bring your payment receipt which is emailed to you, as proof that you purchased the record from the official Secretary of State web site.

Is there any difference between the driving records purchased online with the records obtained in person at the license facilities or by postal mail?
No. The records are the same. The advantages of obtaining a record online are that you will receive the record immediately and you will have an electronic copy of your record. The electronic copy will be in the form of a PDF that can be saved to your computer or sent by email to a third party. Record requests by postal mail may take up to ten days for delivery. Records obtained at the facilities have to be done in person. Please keep in mind that information on driving records may change daily.

If I do not have a printer available can I have the Driver Record mailed to me through postal mail or emailed to me through the online service?
Through this online service, your only option is to print the Driving Record after a successful payment. There is no option to have the record postal mailed or emailed to you though this online service. However, you may save the PDF to your personal computer and email the PDF to a third party and have it printed there. Please keep in mind that information on driving records may change daily.

If you want your record postal mailed to you, please complete the Driving Record Abstract Request Form and send your payment in the postal mail by personal check or money order payable to the "Illinois Secretary of State". Please allow ten days for processing and mailing.

How many Driving Records can I request?
You may request one copy of each record (Affected and Public) with one payment per transaction. If you would like more than one copy of each record, you may start the online process again to request more copies or make copies yourself.

When can I purchase Driver Records online?
You may use our online service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your Driving Record will be available to print immediately after payment is approved.

How is the Driving Record delivered to me?
Driving Record/Abstracts are delivered as a PDF document that is available to print after a successful payment. Your record may not be postal mailed or emailed to you using the online service.

Can I save the record on my computer and email it to my employer?
Yes. You will receive your driving record in a PDF. You may save the PDF to your computer or desktop and then attach it to an email to a third party. Please keep in mind that information on driving records may change daily.

Can I print the payment receipt after completing the request?
A payment receipt will be emailed to the email address you enter during the payment process. You may then print the email receipt. The email is sent through automation to the email address provided at the time of the payment. Our office cannot re-send a copy of the receipt. Please make certain your email address is typed correctly on the payment page of the online process. If additional information is needed regarding your payment, please contact your credit card company.

How do I know the date the record was processed?
The date the record was processed is printed in the upper right portion of the driving record, under the line displaying your driver's license number. The date and time of your record purchased will also appear in the "Sent" field on the email payment receipt you will receive. These emails are computer generated and sent immediately when the payment is made. Our office cannot re-send a copy of the receipt. Please make certain your email address is typed correctly on the payment page of the online process.


Who is eligible to use this service to purchase and print Driving Records?
Any resident who has an Illinois Driving Record may use the service. You may only request your own driving record.

What do I need to purchase and print my Driving Record through this service?

Can Commercial Driver License holders use this service?

Fees and Payment

How much do the online Driving Records cost?

What are the available payment options?
A valid credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) can be used to purchase a driving record. Prepaid debit cards for Visa, MasterCard, American Express of Discover are also acceptable. Electronic checks are not available through this online service.

May I get a refund for my payment for Driving Records if I cannot print the PDF or if I change my mind?
Refunds may not be given after the driving record has been purchased. Before payment is made, we ask that you check to make certain your printer can print PDF files. You also have the option of saving the PDF to your computer and emailing it to a trusted source to print the PDF there.

Contact Information and Technical Issues

Who do I contact regarding technical difficulties with the driving record purchase system?
Please complete the Driver's License Contact form.

Who do I contact regarding record discrepancies?
For questions on record discrepancies you may contact our Driving Record Unit at 217-782-2720 Mon. through Fri. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note that we are closed on state holidays.

What if I have problems printing the PDF Abstract?