School Bus Permit Driver Services

A school bus permit is required for any individual planning to transport school children grade 12 or below for a public, private or religious school, including nursery schools, if you will drive:


New applicants must:

Any individual transporting children in the place of the regular school bus driver must have a permit and a properly classified driver's license.

If you are new to Illinois, you must also provide a state-issued copy of the previous state's driving abstract, showing a three-year continuous driving history. The driving abstract must be issued in the 90-day period prior to your application for a permit.

Persons residing in a bordering state who wish to apply for an Illinois school bus driver permit must possess a properly classified license from Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, or Kentucky and follow the procedures outlined for new applicants.

For school districts or transportation companies that want to learn more about participating in the School Bus Driver Permit program, please call the Secretary of State's Safe Ride Unit at 217-782-7674.


A school bus driver's permit is valid for one year. Any individual whose school bus permit is more than 30 days past expiration must submit to all the requirements for new applicants. In order to renew your school bus permit, you must: