Switch In Status: FCIA to State Registration Securities

Attention Investment Advisers And Investment Adviser Representatives
The following regulations are strictly enforced: Regulations Under the Illinois Securities Law of 1953, 130 ILAC 842 (b)(2) and 130 ILAC 843 (b)(2) respectively, state “Any person who has not been registered in any jurisdiction for a period of two years shall be required to comply with the examination requirements of this Section.”

If your investment adviser firm is currently registered with the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a federally registered investment adviser, and you wish to switch to state registration in 2012, please carefully read the instructions outlined below which detail the process and requirements for switching your firm's registration status.

Step 1. IARD and CRD filings

Step 2. Submission of documents to the Illinois Securities Department

Mail all Step 2 documents and branch office fees to the address listed below. After all requisite filings have been submitted and determined complete, the Securities Department will change the status of the firm on the IARD system to reflect the status of the firm is now a state registered investment adviser. A confirmation letter affirming this change will be sent to the firm by the Securities Department. NOTE: Prior to the granting of state registration approval in 2012, all switching firm's will be required to have on file a Form ADV-Part 2B for each such person who acts as an investment adviser representative with Illinois clients. Form ADV-Part 2A will be reviewed as filed on the IARD system.

Should you have any questions, please contact:
V. Lynne Bednarko
Investment Adviser Examiner
Illinois Securities Department
421 E. Capitol Ave., 2nd Flr.
Springfield, IL 62701
217-785-4938 lbednarko@ilsos.net

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