Enforcement Complaint Center Securities

The Securities Department’s Enforcement Division investigates consumer complaints and/or inquiries about individuals, corporations or other business entities for possible violations of the registration or anti-fraud provisions of the Illinois Securities Law, the Illinois Business Opportunities Sales Law, the Illinois Business Brokers Act and the Illinois Loan Brokers Act. These complaints may come from the general public as referrals from other regulatory agencies. The Enforcement Division is authorized to initiate administrative hearings to obtain Orders of Prohibition, Cease and Desist Orders, Orders for Registration Revocation, Suspension or Denial, and imposition of administrative fines. The Enforcement Division also may refer its findings for civil or criminal prosecution. These prosecutions are usually brought by the Illinois Attorney General's office, local state's attorneys, or the Office of the U.S. Attorney. In certain cases, the department may obtain a forfeiture order against violators of the law.

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Audit and Compliance

The Audit Division conducts routine and unannounced exams of both registered and unregistered entities who are selling securities, providing investment advice, selling business opportunities, or acting as a business or loan broker. The Division conducts exams to determine if individuals are complying with the Securities laws. If evidence of fraud or non-compliance is discovered, the matter is referred to the Enforcement Division. Information obtained during the course of these auditsis non-public unless it is utilized as evidence in a public action taken by the Department.

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