Federal-Covered Investment Advisers Securities

Attention Investment Advisers And Investment Adviser Representatives
The following regulations are strictly enforced: Regulations Under the Illinois Securities Law of 1953, 130 ILAC 842 (b)(2) and 130 ILAC 843 (b)(2) respectively, state “Any person who has not been registered in any jurisdiction for a period of two years shall be required to comply with the examination requirements of this Section.”

Regulated Firms

Under federal law, any person with more than $100 million in assets under management who, in exchange for compensation, engages in the business of advising others, either directly or through publications or writings, as to the value of securities or the advisability of investing in, purchasing, or selling securities, or who, for compensation and as part of a regular business, issues or promulgates analyses or reports concerning securities is considered a federal-covered investment adviser. These firms are registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). For more information, please visit the SEC’s Web site.


Any federal-covered investment adviser a consumer selects to provide financial planning services or to manage their investments is required to be “notice filed” with the Illinois Securities Department. Individual investment adviser representatives employed by this firm also are required to be registered with the Illinois Securities Department.

The Illinois Secretary of State Securities Department encourages consumers to be informed when selecting an investment adviser. For more information or to research an investment adviser, please visit the SEC’s Web site.

Fees for Federal-Covered Investment Advisers

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