State-Registered Investment Advisers Securities

Attention Investment Advisers And Investment Adviser Representatives
The following regulations are strictly enforced: Regulations Under the Illinois Securities Law of 1953, 130 ILAC 842 (b)(2) and 130 ILAC 843 (b)(2) respectively, state “Any person who has not been registered in any jurisdiction for a period of two years shall be required to comply with the examination requirements of this Section.”

Regulated Firms

Any person who engages in the business of financial planning or who manages $100 million or less in investments is required to register as a state-registered investment adviser with the Illinois Securities Department. For more information, please refer to Instructions for Registration as an Investment Adviser. Application for registration as a state-registered investment adviser is initiated through the filing of Form ADV on the Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD).


An investment adviser a consumer selects to provide financial planning services or to manage their investments is required to be registered with the Illinois Securities Department. This registration requirement also extends to the individual investment adviser representative that provides these services. The Illinois Securities Department encourages you to be informed when making a decision about whom to select as your investment adviser. For more information on the background and registration status of investment adviser firms, please visit the SEC’s Web site.

Fees for State-Registered Investment Advisers

To obtain a copy of a Central Registration Depository (CRD) report concerning an investment adviser representative, please call the Securities Department at 800-628-7937, or email your request to The report provides information concerning the investment adviser representative’s employment history, securities examinations the representative has passed, licensing or registration status in Illinois or other applicable states, and disciplinary history. When requesting information about an individual, please be sure to include the individual’s first and last name, name of the investment adviser firm where the individual is employed, and address where the individual conducts business. Please include your fax number or postal address for mailing of the requested report. Please also refer to the Consumer Information sections for additional assistance.

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