About the Department Vehicle Services

The Vehicle Services Department processes vehicle titles and registrations, issues license plates and renewal stickers, and maintains vehicle records. The department issues nearly 3.5 million title documents and registers 11 million vehicles annually, generating more than $1 billion in revenue for the state. The department also licenses and regulates vehicle dealerships to protect buyers from illicit or temporary operators and prevent the sale of stolen vehicles. The department administers the Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) program, which allows for faster processing of title documents and immediate receipt of permanent license plates and registration documents. More than 750 Illinois dealerships participate in the program as well as more than 1,200 financial institutions.

Illinois license plates are manufactured by Macon Resources, Inc., in Decatur, a rehabilitation training facility for persons with disabilities. Producing plates in Illinois has saved the state millions of dollars while encouraging skills development of persons with disabilities. The department offers license plates renewal, and vanity and personalized license plates through the Secretary of State's Web site at www.cyberdriveillinois.com. To monitor compliance with the state's mandatory insurance law, the department mails questionnaires to random vehicle owners to verify insurance coverage. The department suspends the registrations of uninsured motorists and processes registration reinstatements.

Chicago Information Line

The Chicago Information Line provides assistance to the general public, facility staff, financial institutions and dealers through an automated call distribution server. The division handles all types of inquiries pertaining to all phases of operation under the Secretary of State.

Commercial and Farm Truck

The Commercial and Farm Truck Division registers and provides license plates and decals for more than 400,000 commercial vehicles (trucks, truck-tractors, buses, trailers and semi-trailers) in Illinois and out of state each year. The division also issues Farm Truck and Farm Trailer plates, Mileage Tax plates and various permits (72-hour, 30-day, Carnival Permits).

Customer Services/Dealer Licensing

The Customer Services/Dealer Licensing Division issues licenses to vehicle dealers. Customer services representatives in the field monitor and provide services to dealers, to ensure continued compliance with Illinois Vehicle Code regulations and legislative mandates.

Data Processing

The Data Processing Division provides technical assistance for defining, documenting and implementing computer systems to support Vehicle Services operations. Division personnel serve as liaisons to the Department of Information Technology for all computer project initiatives.

Downstate Field Services

The Downstate Field Services Division has 12 Customer Service Centers: Howlett Building, Klein and Mason and Dirksen Parkway in Springfield, Bloomington, Carbondale, Champaign, Decatur, Granite City, Peoria, Quincy, Moline/Silvis and Tilton. These centers audit and validate motor vehicle applications for titles, transfers, license plates and stickers. Mandatory insurance reinstatement fees and temporary disability parking placards are processed at the centers. The division has a section in the Springfield office that handles all types of motor vehicle applications brought in by remittance agents, dealers and companies. Facility Finder.

Mandatory Insurance

The Mandatory Insurance Division is responsible for administering the Mandatory Automobile Insurance Law (625 ILCS 5/7-601). Enforcement of the law is accomplished through a questionnaire sampling process of vehicle owners and traffic citations. The vehicle registration/license plates of a vehicle are suspended if a vehicle owner in violation of the law.

Metro Field Services

The Metro Field Services Division has 10 Customer Service Centers: Chicago North, Chicago south, Chicago West, Chicago East, Lombard, Joliet, Naperville, Lake Zurich, Woodstock, and Waukegan to provide a wide range of vehicle transactions, including on-site processing of title applications, license plate sticker renewals, issuance of license plates (passenger, B-truck, trailer, recreational vehicles, motorcycles), payment of Mandatory Insurance reinstatement fee and the issuance of temporary Disability Parking Placards. Find the nearest Secretary of State Facility.

Motor Vehicle Records

The Motor Vehicle Records Division maintains, retrieves and distributes vehicle records for law enforcement, government agencies and the general public.

Public Inquiry

The Public Inquiry Division provides assistance to the general public, facility staff, financial institutions and dealers through an automated call distribution server. The division handles all types of inquiries pertaining to all phases of operation under the Secretary of State.

Special Plates

The Special Plates Division administers the Vanity and Personalized License Plate Program, Dealer Licensing, vehicle emissions monitoring and enforcement, and vehicle registration corrections. The division processes reclasses, resale and replacement license plates. The division also processes requests for official license plates, Special Event license plates, Persons with Disabilities Parking Placards, plates expired for more than one year, 86 categories of non-standard plates (Amateur Radio, Antique Vehicle, military plates, etc.).

Vehicle Records Processing

The Vehicle Records Processing Division issues about 3.4 million vehicle titles annually, including original, duplicate, corrected titles and junking and salvage certificates. The division processes vehicle related documents received by mail as well as transactions from facilities throughout Illinois including title applications, registration renewal applications, replacement license plates and/or stickers, and corrected and duplicate registration identification cards. The division also approves all title applications for specially constructed vehicles and handles all bonding transactions.

Winchester Distribution

The Winchester Distribution Division procures inventories and distributes license plates, renewal stickers, printing and supplies for the Vehicle Services Department. The division also supplies and tracks Temporary Registration Permits (TRPs) issued through auto dealers, remitters, currency exchanges and Secretary of State facilities.