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The Office of the Secretary of State strives to ensure that the International Registration Plan (IRP) operates effectively and efficiently for those who base their registrations in Illinois. Many changes in requirements, methodologies, business operations, reporting procedures and other related issues are now included in the plan.

Due to the overwhelming success of the IRP Web Renewal System, further enhancements and improvements are being developed. Input from applicants is appreciated and has been reviewed and implemented where possible, further strengthening our goal of making the online renewal service as user-friendly as possible. I encourage you to take advantage of this service as a convenient and expedient way to process your IRP registrations.

Currently, IRP registrations are only processed and available in Springfield. For more information regarding the IRP process, please consult the FAQ's available on this Web site or contact the Commercial and Farm Truck Division Phone services at 217-785-1800.

Jesse White
Secretary of State

Renewal Process

IRP Online Renewal Requirements
This system is designed for IRP applicants who have a low number of vehicles and who are not making any significant changes. Renewals will receive registration for all 59 IRP member jurisdictions depending on the circumstances of their renewal. If any distance was accrued during the respective reporting period, it must be reported and will be used to calculate fees. Renewals with actual distance only pay for the jurisdictions where distance was accrued. If no distance was accrued during the respective reporting period for the circumstances allowed, renewals will be based upon the "Average Per Vehicle Distance" requirements of the International Registration Plan for the 59 member jurisdictions. This process will NOT change any part of your current IRP registration information, file, or vehicles currently operating. To make changes to your current file, you must submit a supplemental application for the current registration year.

The invoice created at the completion of this application is provided as a PDF file. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software properly installed and configured in order to view and print your invoice. Get Acrobat Reader Now.

If you need to make any name or physical address changes, vehicle unit number changes or other significant changes to your file, you must submit the appropriate paperwork to the Commercial & Farm Truck Division in Springfield directly by mail, remitter service or in-person by appointment.

A PIN number is on your renewal email if you have met the pre-qualifying requirements for renewing online. If you lose or forget your PIN number, you may request to have it emailed to you. Go to the log-in screen and select forgot PIN number and follow the instructions. Call 217-785-1800 or use the Contact Us feature on this Web site for assistance.

You will need your distance information for the period as shown in the instructions, and have it available when prompted. It is helpful to have your IVDRs (Individual Vehicle Distance Record) totaled by jurisdiction and in front of you while you navigate this site. Most of your questions can be answered by reading all the instructions and narratives provided on each page.

Agree and Accept Terms of Use

All applicants must read and agree to the following
I/We, under oath, affirm under penalty of perjury of the laws of the State of Illinois in regard to making a false declaration to a public official, that the information contained on this electronic site and all future registration form(s) for the above referenced year, will be true and correct, and that the vehicles contained thereon will abide by the Mandatory Insurance Law requiring liability insurance throughout the registration period, and that proper vehicle financial responsibility will be in effect and maintained on those vehicles. I/We hereby declare if the jurisdictional boxes are not completed that I/We have no actual distance to report and agree to the use of the Average Per Vehicle Distances provided by the Commercial and Farm Truck Division to calculate my registration fees. I/We hereby declare that I/we have knowledge of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 CFR parts 40 and 382, 383, 385, 386, 387 and 388), including highway-related portions of the Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR 107, 171-173, 177,178 and 180) or compatible State rules, regulations, standards and orders applicable to Motor Carrier Safety, including highway transportation and hazardous materials. I/We understand that I/we are required to preserve the Individual Vehicle Distance Records and source documents on which my International Registration Plan registrations are based for a period of not less than three years.

If you decline agreement with these statements, your application will not be processed. To agree and accept the terms, select "Continue" to begin the application process.

This Web site is provided for authorized companies to expedite the processing of their IRP credentials. Unauthorized access or use is prohibited. Accuracy is the responsibility of the person entering the required information into this system. Failure to adequately ensure that proper information is provided is not the responsibility of the Office of the Secretary of State of Illinois, the Vehicle Services Department, the Commercial and Farm Truck Division or the IRP Section. All invoices generated are based upon information herein provided by you. System safeguards are in place to prevent improper or unacceptable information.