Electronic Registration and Title Vehicle Services

The Electronic Registration and Title (ERT) System allows you to complete and print an Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190). In order to complete your transaction, you must take your completed application, required supporting documentation and payment to your local Secretary of State facility within seven days. You also may submit your paperwork and payment (check or money order only) by mail to the following address:
Secretary of State
Vehicle Services Department
ERT Section, Rm. 424
If Expedited Title, Rm. 629
501 S. Second St.
Springfield, IL. 62756

The ERT System may be used for the following transactions (mobile homes excluded):

Any transaction involving the transfer of a motor vehicle from one person(s) to another must be accompanied by a completed Tax Form RUT-50 (Private Party Vehicle Tax Transaction). Individuals moving to Illinois who have purchased a vehicle from an out-of-state licensed dealer must submit a completed Tax Form RUT-25 (Vehicle Use Tax Transaction Return).Tax payments must be in the form of a separate check or money order payable to Illinois Department of Revenue.

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Additional Documents

The documents listed below may be used with any of the four ERT transactions. Title Only, Title and Registration and Title and Transfer transactions require Use Tax Returns. Corrected, Duplicate and Duplicate/Corrected Title transactions do not require Use Tax Returns.

Affidavit of Repossession VSD 609
Affirmation of Correction VSD 393
Affirmation of Registration Information VSD 76
Affirmation Supporting Salvage Certificate RT 11
Beneficiary Affidavit VSD 773
Beneficiary Affidavit-Unable to Locate VSD 775
Beneficiary Claim Form VSD 774
Leased Vehicle Registration Affirmation VSD 327
Odometer Disclosure Statement VSD 333
Power of Attorney RT 5
Seller's Report of Sale VSD 703
Small Estate Affidavit (Deaths before 2015) RT OPR 31.14
Small Estate Affidavit (Deaths after December 31, 2014) RT OPR 31

Additional Personal Documentation

Attorney’s Affidavit
Bankruptcy Documents
Bill of Sale
Conservatorship Documents
Court Order
Death Certificate
Divorce Decree
Durable Power of Attorney for Property
Guardianship Papers
Letters of Office (Testamentary, Administration)
Marriage Certificate
Mobile Home Tax Certification
Out-of-State Vehicle Registration ID Card
Personal Power of Attorney
Production Agriculture Affirmation
Vehicle Registration ID Card

Title-Related Documents

Illinois Certificate of Title
Lease Agreement
Lien Release
Manufacturer Certificate of Origin
Out-of-State Title or Loan Agreement
Secure Power of Attorney

Use Tax Transaction Returns


Disclaimer: This Web site is provided for individuals to expedite the processing of certain motor vehicle transactions by completing the Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) in advance of visiting a Secretary of State facility. Unauthorized access or use is prohibited. Accuracy is the responsibility of the person entering the information into the system. Failure to adequately ensure that proper information is provided is not the responsibility of the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State or the Vehicle Services Department.