Court of Claims Publications/Forms

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Application for Death Benefits Pursuant to Line of Duty Compensation Act CC 92
Application for Waiver of Filing Fee for an Indigent Person CC 90
Crime Victim's Brochure CC 96
Crime Victim Compensation Application (English, Polish, Spanish) *
Illinois Court of Claims Rules and Statutes CC PUB 4
Illinois National Gaurdsmens's and Naval Militiamen's Compensation Act Form CC 89
Lapsed Appropriation Form CC 88
Lost Warrant Form CC 87
Medical Vendors Form CC 93
Motion to Withdraw CC 114
Notice of Intent of Claim for Personal Injury CC 86
Property Damage Form CC 85
Reimbursement Form CC 84
Translator Information Form CC 113
Volumes of the Court
Until further notice, all Court of Claim subpoenas will be issued from the Clerk's Office of the Court of Claims.
Send requests to:
Illinois Court of Claims
Secretary of State Jesse White
Ex Officio Clerk of the Court
630 S. College St.
Springfield, IL 62752
CC 83

For more information of Claims, please visit Filing a Claim.

*Not an Illinois Secretary of State Publication/Form